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Morrigan - Dragon Age by Ayanna-Workshop Morrigan - Dragon Age by Ayanna-Workshop
Morrigan is a character I hold dear since I played Dragon Age Origins.
I wanted to make her cosplay for almost two years but I didn't think I'd be able to do justice to her. She's so strong, mysterious, wild and beautiful...!
I really love this kind of character, making and wearing this costume made me wishing to stop "cute" characters... I want only baddass lady now ! :D
I'm so happy I finally did it ! I love her even more now, and I can't wait to improve my costume and wear it again ! (with a new glove, and some improvements ! :p)

Picture by  Shashin Kaihi

:star: (some) Costume details 

:bulletblue: As the artworks and game screenshot look quite different, I had to pick one. I decided to go for the artworks, since if match the image of Morrigan I have better : darker, mysterious, wild and kinda emaciated. In the end, I also added some details of the game (gold lenses for a wild look) and used back screenshot for the skirt as no artwork shows the back of it ! > _ <
I put much effort into small details making and into material chosing. That was the first time I used things like leather, feathers, and that was also my first time with this kind of cosplay : messy, but detailed. I hope I did well ! I'm quite happy with the global result but I still have things to improve and add to be 100% satisfied ! :3

:bulletred: The burgundy top is made in one piece. I really wanted to avoid to have visible seams, and it was really hard to find the right shape ! I also wanted it to look like a draped top, fortunately, my fabric was just perfect for that ! I just tried it, put some pin to hold the pleats where I wanted them to be, handsewn them, tried my top again, added more pleats, etc... That was a really long process, but I'm really happy with the result !!! 
:bulletred: the "big necklace" was entirely made with air drying clay. For the "long beads", I just made some kind of long rectangles with air drying clay, then I sanded them (with paper) to make them as clean and regular as possible and finally used a dremel to "dig" (not sure I can use this word in that context XD) the middle of each bead. Then I just painted them gold (with golden wax) and drybrushed them with black paint. The other beads are also hand made.
:bulletred: the belt is made out of two layers of brown leather I got from an old aviator leather jacket I bought in a second hand shop, then I added white fur (dyed beige with tea !).
:bulletred: The skirt was the funniest and longest piece to make ! At first, I made a "normal" skirt that was cut into 4 separated pieces, according at the reference pictures (that was hard to decide because artworks and game screens doesn't match at all ! but I initially decided I wanted to be closer to the artwork) and I put them together again using beige cotton thread. Then I hade to make something like... 30, 40 belts (only a few them were real belts) using different leather (black or brown, thick or thin...), and trying to make them fit nicely around the skirt, following the artworks and screenshots. I spent so much time on hesitating about the right place/length of EACH BELT ! XD Then I added some metal buckles (that I got on carboard filed, belts...) at (more or less) random spots. Then I tried to add some extra details (holes in some belts) and worked a bit on the colors using leather polish. (you can see full details on my dedicated tumblr post.)
:bulletred: trousers are made with black denim and I tried to make them "dirty" by adding painting, teared some parts of the fabric, and so on... I added a few leather straps but it still lacks details (and I want it MOOOORE dirty !)
:bulletred: The staff (that you cannot see here :p) was made using a wood stick, expansive foam, paper mache, air drying clay, and crystal resin. Check out my dedicated tumblr post . for more picture and details about it. ^^

If you have any further question, see more WIP picture on my FB page , or just ask ! :)

:bulletgreen: More pictures : :bulletgreen: 

Dragon Age - Morrigan by Ayanna-Cosplay Witch of the Korcari Wilds by Ayanna-Cosplay Morrigan by Ayanna-Cosplay
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S-Seith Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Et je trouve que ša te va mieux que les costumes cute :p
Ayanna-Workshop Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
ša me fait encore PLUS plaisir !!! :D <3
Palliden7 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Great cosplay costume. I have looked at some other Morrigan costumes here are some thoughts to make it more exotic: Since your small on the top do away with the bikini top. Use some gold filigree chains across your chest attache the red hood shawl in the in the front to the chain and run a set of scalloped chains across the back attached to each side of the shawl. You still would be covered but would lend an air of the exotic of the character you cosplay. 
Moeker Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
ah damn, you look so good here *_*
Ayanna-Workshop Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
thank you Moeker ! :)
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